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"I have met a lot of interesting companies. I also had an opportunity to meet the former colleagues and freinds which has been quite pleasant, so it has been very very good to be here."

Ricardo Rocha, Offshore Wind Technical Director at BayWa r.e.

"I think the audience is very active in asking questions, and we had a lively panel yesterday with a lot of discussions going around all different topics. So a lot of things were discussed and it was actually a matter of keeping them on topic instead of wandering too broadly around."

Brian Boye, Senior Manager – Telecom Systems at Semco Maritime A/S

"It was a great opportunity to meet with people. Even a few of the sessions also helped us, that is something we can explore as well. So I think connecting people, like-minded people, was the plus point for being here."

Richa Banotra, AI product Manager and Technical Lead at McDermott

"It is, actually, a wonderful opportunity to be a part of this big group of professionals, especially in oil and gas industry, and to see what the trends are, how my colleagues in the industry are evolving, what they are doing in terms of advancing the technologies making it more accessible to the market itself."

Bojan Dimitrijevic, Digital Transformation Strategy Manager at NIS j.s.c. Novi Sad

"I am impressed with the quality of people, I am connected with many of them. Only within the first day I spoke with more than 10 companies and with some of them I can already see potential for partnerships."

Fausto Artico, Global R&D Tech Head and Director of Innovation and Data Science at GSK

"The diversity at this congress is the thing that really stands out. The diversity in the audience and, therefore, the subject areas, dedicated to digital health, but in its different manifestations."

Mark Milton-Edwards, Head of Health Solutions at Teva Pharmaceuticals

"I really enjoy this event because I know many of those companies that are also here sharing their ideas. It's a joy to exchange ideas with colleagues."

Julia Beneicke, Supply Chain Pattern Wheel Planning Expert at Sanofi

"We had a very interesting discussion at my panel session: we have the same issues and we can try to find a common solution."

Meriem Loudiyi, Director of Trademarks and Fight against Falsification Department at Les Laboratoires Servier

"The organisers have put a lot of effort to make sure that people are networking. They created those opportunities and environment for that, which has been amazing!"

Mahesh Natarajan, Vice President, Low Carbon Pathway Innovations at bp

"I love the Conference. I think it is well organised. It offers plenty of opportunities for networking. I think the speakers make an interesting display of the things that they bring to the industry."

Jan Broekman, Vice President Global Engineering & Smart Modularization at McDermott

"I only thank BGS for all the opportunities given us to show ourselves to the market. Also my personal manager is doing great — always caring about us and introducing us to the participants."

Jose Augusto Gomes Campos, Director - Business Development, Power Oil & Gas at Andrade Gutierrez Engenharia SA

"I think it was quite interesting to see the top stakeholders in gas together. Also it is a pluralism of attendance and the rare chance to network with many people in one place."

Panayiotis Mitrou, Global Gas Segment Manager at Lloyd's Register

"The Congress is very well organised. We have a manager who is helping on a very efficient manner to have different interviews, to make sure we are optimising our time."

Karine Calvet, VP Southern Europe at AVEVA SA

"We are having a direct connection with a number of interesting potential customers and partners that we met here and continuously meet during the conference, so that was very useful for us."

Ulrich Amberg, CEO at SwissDrones Operating AG

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